The heart that dreams


do not kill a heart that dreams

for it is like the lonely river

in a dead desert

do not kill a heart that feels

for it is the only bird that sings

when all the other lions get hurt


‘Wisdoms of the East’ out on Amazon KDP

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Hey guys!

I published a collection of my work on Amazon KDP here:

It’s a small collection of poetry+literature on spirituality and religion.

Hope you enjoy!

The Bookshelf Tag

Ok, so I’m finally doing this! I’ve been quite busy as school is getting near so I never had the right time to do this, but thank you Julie Alexandra ( for tagging me and I hope everyone checks her out if you haven’t already, she’s awesome! ❤

Answer the following questions about books, and then tag five other bloggers. You can answer the questions any way you want, whether it’s on your blog, in a video, or a combination of the two. Then let whoever tagged you know when your post is up so they can read it.


1) Is there a book you really want to read but haven’t because it’ll make you cry?
I cried at most of the books I read anyway so that’s not a problem for me haha, I’m pretty emotional.

2) Pick one that helped introduce you to a new genre:
I think reading something like ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’ or ‘1Q84’ by Haruki Murakami was quite new to me, and that’s because I never really enjoyed reading ‘magical realism’ or surrealism or whatever, but he is the only one that really knows how to bind both the realism and the surrealism, and that’s something I never discovered in another writer before and it’s absolutely genius! I love his work!

3) Find a book that you want to reread.
I would love to reread ‘A Moveable Feast’ by Hemingway because it was just SUCH an enjoyable read, the way he talks about meeting other writers in Paris and his experiences and oh my, it was great. It’s also not that long.

4) Is there a book series you read but wish you hadn’t?
I was young at the time but I think reading the Twilight series was just..I don’t know, a waste of time? I didn’t even know why I was reading it because I did mention before that I dislike ‘surrealism’ but everyone was reading it at the time so I thought I should tag along.

5) If your house was burning down and all of your family and pets were safe, which book would you go back inside to save?
It would be better if I picked up a journal but if I had to pick a book then…it would probably be ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ by Oscar Wilde or Like the Flowing River by Paulo Coelho. I could pick some Arabic classics too, they’re really good.

6) Is there one book on your bookshelf that brings back fond memories?
Me and my friends read a lot of Jacqueline Wilson and so the books that I still have by her bring back so many childhood memories 🙂

7) Find a book that has inspired you most.
It depends on what it inspired me on, like on life, or writing, or whatever. I prefer to mention writers though, like Haruki Murakami inspires me with the way he writes and thinks, and also Oscar Wilde shares a bit of the same characteristic. George Orwell can combine art and politics very well and that inspires me too, since I do like to mention a lot of real events in my stories and some can be about politics. But when it comes to life, Paulo Coelho takes it. His book ‘Manuscript found in Accra’ is literally like some kind of guide on how to live life lol, it’s fantastic 🙂

8) Do you have any autographed books?
Ya, ‘Jacky Daydream’ by Jacqueline Wilson when I was young 🙂 🙂

9) Find the book that you have owned the longest.
Err, I dont think I can know that one, but perhaps something when I was really young, lets just say Jacqueline Wilson because thats all I can fully remember from my childhood reads.

10) Is there a book by an author that you never imagined you would read or enjoy?
I never liked reading Young Adult genre, so reading ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ By john green and liking it was really strange. I tried reading other John Green books but, his genre just doesn’t suit me. He’s still really good, though.







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If you’re reading this, then you’re tagged too 🙂 I’m looking forward to find out new books to read 😀 x

the liebster award

the lovely Julie Alexandra  nominated me for this award, and I would like to genuinely thank her for being so sweet and kind and encouraging me to write more on this website even though I’m still quite insecure about sharing my work to the public. Not only that, but her writing pieces are always greatly written and a pleasure to read, and I always make sure to read every single one! She’s so talented and I hope everyone has time to check her out 🙂 You won’t regret it ❤
Before I start this, I would just like to say that I could honestly give this award to everyone I follow. It’s hard to award every single writer on this website and get them recognised but I hope, and I truly hope each one of them do. There’s just so much talent out there that deserves this award more than me, and me receiving this nomination is just an opportunity to let a few blogs get discovered by other ones 🙂
the rules:
– Thank you nominator and post a link to his/her blog.
– Display the award on your blog.
– Answer the 11 questions provided by the nominator.
– Nominate 5-11 blogs which have less than 1000 followers, and let them know they’ve been nominated.
– Make up and post 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
– Post these rules on your blog.

Julie’s questions and my answers:
What is your favorite board game?
this is quite an awkward start because i don’t actually play a lot of board games lol, i used to play monopoly with my cousins when i was young so…let’s say its monopoly haha!
Who/what are your writing inspirations?
I’m still discovering more writers and stuff, but so far my writing inspirations are Ernest Hemingway, Haruki Murakami, Paulo Coelho and any other writer that includes philosophy/history and stuff in their writing 🙂 i really like that.
How did you start blogging on WordPress?
it was actually pretty random, there was this girl on twitter i followed that posted a link to her blog and that’s how i came across it. It took me a while to convince myself to start one but I finally did it:)
What is your favorite joke or riddle?
oh dear i can’t think of one -.- haha honestly i never actually remember that kind of stuff, i’m usually the ones that just laughs at jokes but never tries to remember and say them to other people. sorry for being lame lol :/
What embarrasses you?
i usually get embarrassed by what other people do, because i don’t know why. there are a lot of things but ill mention the first one in my mind: whenever someone tries to grab people’s attention on purpose and no one really acknowledges them, that embarrasses me..i guess. i hope that made sense?
What’s the biggest personal change you’ve made?
personally, i think its when i started writing again. i started writing when i was like 7 but then i stopped at the age of 10 because people just thought it was lame, and so i was quite insecure about that and stopped. But ever since i started again (like about a year ago), i now feel better about myself, like i can actually do something half-right, not completely right…but just something that makes me feel less sad whenever i finish doing it. so ya:)
Would you rather be hated or forgotten?
this is quite hard, and i think the answer for this will change as i get older, but right now, i think i would rather be forgotten. this sounds so silly, but i’m one of those people that like to please others, not please them for my own selfish desires, but please them because you want to make them feel happy or whatever. but it depends on what i’m being hated on, so if that person hates me for no reason, then i wouldn’t waste my time on them 🙂
If you could try out any job for a day, which job would you like to try?
i dance ballet, and i really like it, so since i can’t continue it in the future i would like to experience a day being a ballerina and dance Swan Lake or Giselle or something, the atmosphere just seems so magical with the orchestra and the dancing and stuff:)
What’s the best piece of advice you ever heard?
there are so many, but i’m going to choose the ‘be someone a little nicer’. it’s not saying to be another ‘version’ of yourself, but to be a better version, and i think a lot of people forget that. it really annoys me when people think they can be cruel and claim that thats ‘who they are’, because thats not an excuse, and it shouldn’t be. everyone, no matter what your personality is, should perform acts of kindness. it’s vital.
What are some of your favorite books?
i mentioned earlier that i’m still discovering new writers, so this list will probably change and get longer, but so far i loved reading The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Old Man and The Sea by Hemingway, 1q84 by Haruki Murakami and 1984 by George Orwell. I also loved The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. And I want to discover Kurt Vonnegut, more of George Orwell, Franz Kafka and some Russian writers lol.
What’s your favorite dessert?
I’ve always loved strawberry cheesecake, and also red velvet cakes. but i’m not usually a dessert person, so ya, im pretty boring 😛

the nominees (in no particular order):

1.The Adventures of Rosebud

2.Bright Eyed Young Thing

3. A Real Surrealist

4. Abandons

5. Finding Intoxications

6. Journal of A Lonely Plague Lover 

I couldn’t nominate as many because my internet is really slow nowadays and it will take time to inform all of them, but once again, every single person i follow/follows my blog deserves a nomination 🙂 you’re all incredible!

my questions:
1. When did you first start writing?
2.Do you have a schedule for writing?
3.Would you advice someone to pursue a career in writing nowadays?
4.Would you rather be kind or smart?
5.If you had one year off work/school, how would you spend it?
6. What’s your favorite book?
7. Do you keep a journal?
8. Dogs or Cats?
9. Have you achieved any of your goals, and if not, what are your future goals?
10. Which country would you wish to live in?
11. Other than writing, what are some of your other interests?

Thank you Julie once again, and I hope more bloggers get to achieve a nomination ❤